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    Hello & Welcome!

    I'm so excited to connect with you here. Here's the short version of how I became passionate about essential oils:


    My love affair with essential oils began when I started to make my own cleaning products. Once I got my hands on dōTERRA oils, I noticed quite a difference from the oils I had been using before, and knew there was something special about these tiny bottles of magic.


    I attended a dōTerra Event to learn more, and began experimenting with them for my wellness, in my home and even with my dog! I also started to share oils with my Nutrition Coaching Clients, who were also experiencing remarkable results.


    As a former school teacher, I witnessed the health crisis of our children first-hand, and wasn't sure how to help. I now feel empowered to share a natural tool to improve the well-being of families, both physically & emotionally.


    I left my teaching career to go full time with dōTERRA because of my passion for helping others and creating life-by-design, full of freedom & fun! (more on my biz story here in Essential Leadership magazine)


    I started my doTerra journey in Florida, and have since been lead to live in California & most recently, Sedona, Arizona (you can see me at the top of my favorite red rock climb!) - I'm so grateful for all this adventure has included so far!


    I currently book two types of consultations:

    During your 30 min Aromatherapy session you'll have an opportunity to ask your questions & receive customized recommendations. You'll be left feeling at ease & confident on how to use essential oils for your family - children and pets included!

    During your 30 min Business Consult, I share the steps to create a Customized work-from-home Biz, according to your unique vision! As part of our circle, you'll be connected with resources to succeed step-by-step, and a supportive tribe of change-makers!


    I look forward to connecting with you!


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