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Frequency medicine

It’s no coincidence that time in nature typically brings more feelings of calm, peace & joy. There is a measurable frequency that plants, flowers & trees carry.

The earth itself behaves like a gigantic electric circuit with a measurable electromagnetic field , referred to as that #schumannresonance
As humans, when we sync up with frequency of nature, we feel better overall.

#naturalfrequencies aid and support the body’s immunity & emotional stability.
Time in nature, getting enough sleep & reducing stress are simple ways to get in sync w #earthresonance 

Essential oils, as natures essence in its purest form, (bottled up for our convenience) is another way to bring the #frequency of nature to our lives, and boost emotions & wellness. This is not an assumption, but a branch of Science that continues to be studied & measuared.

For example:

174 Hertz reduces pain

285 Hertz influences the energy field

396 Hertz supports in liberating fear or guilt

You can see how suppotive that the essential oils, which all have their own unique and measurable frequencies can be so supportive. Of course it is important to use an oil in it's pure form, without adulteration or added chemical components.

Some of the highest frequency essentail oils are rose, lavender, and frankincense. Have you tried diffusing or applying these oils and noticed a shift in your energy or mood?