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New You Reflections


As we sink deeper into the new year, and winter season, no matter the weather where you live, the feeling of new beginnings and the collective reset can be felt. Rather than making a list of goals and intentions (which is also a powerful exercise, in the new year, and any time!), I've been tuning into a few questions to vision and feel into the New Year I'd love to create. Feel free to use these questions as journal prompts to activate your miraculous year ahead:


1) Do you have any regrets from the past year? If so, LET THEM GO! It's time to clear the slate, and move on. I know this can be easier said then done, so if you find you're having a hard time with this, close your eyes and begin watching your breath. Now notice the situation you'd like to let go of, and imagine a Steel door closing, completing the past. As you open your eyes, you can claim and say yes to a new beginning. If any feelings linger, write yourself (or another) a forgiveness letter, then burn it (or use a paper shredder) to complete the letting go. And a follow up questions: What did you learn from these lessons? How have they changed you?

2) What would you do if money were not part of the equation? Take out a journal and write everything down that comes to mind. Obviously money IS still part of the equation (for most people) but really play with the the idea, and ponder: how would you spend your time? How can you incorporate these activities/ advetures/ ideas into 2023, even in small ways.

For example, if you'd travel the world, could you choose one of your top choice location and plan a trip? If you'd spend your time on a hobby such as golf or art, could you create space to include these activities from time to time? The more you can incorporate your passions and things that bring you joy in life, the more it will ignite your energy in ALL areas!

3) This one is my favorite question. If ANYTHING was possible, and knew you were supported, what would you create this year? What action steps would you take? What dreams would you allow yourself to dream? Use a journal to spend time with each qusetion, playing in the possibilities. DREAM BIG.