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4 steps to steps ease & vitality

· Essential Oils

As we navigate change, there are action steps to take to choose the path of ease & vitality at this time:

Step 1: Discernment: Where attention goes, energy flows. Though at times it may feel we are bombarded with information, we always have a choice where we focus attention. Overindulging in media can put our minds into overdrive & lead to stress. Focusing on positivity, brings hope. Where can you be even more selective with what you give attention to? For example, turn off the news and choose to engage in a podcast of a positive nature. Dive into a book you have been wanting to read. Messages of inspiration & hope are especially supportive right now.

Beyond being selective & choosing positive entertainment/ information outlets, being selective about your company & conversations can also help in easing, or adding to stress. A general rule of thumb is to check in with your body/ energy: do you feel uplifted or more drained depending on where your attention is. Your body is always speaking to you on a subtle level!

Step 2: Nourishment: This pause in our typical schedule is a great time to indulge in nourishment! Fuel your body with high quality, whole foods as much as possible: Fresh foods are great at this time! Choose to engage in activities that bring you a sense of Joy, fun and relaxation. Some of my favorites include: Time in nature, catching up with friends by phone, journaling and visioning, at home dance parties, extra pampering via at home facials & spa days, trying out new workouts via You Tube & finding ways to give back/ offer encouragement to others.

Step 3: Fulfillment: While in some ways this time has been forced us into change in a big way, can you also perceive the blessings that have unfolded? How often to we get this much time to ponder if this life is really the BEST version we choose to be living & what possible changes can be made. You're being invited to dream a new reality, for yourself and for the world.

Give yourself the gift of dreaming BIG: Paint, draw or make a vision board- write about your new vision or speak it aloud. What action steps does this new vision entail? One tiny step can begin to bring back hope & inspiration as we move into this next phase. You got this!

Step 4: Contribution: One of the fastest ways to break out of our own stress or worry is to help someone else. Check in with your friends and neighbors- make a donation to a cause you care about. Send someone an uplifting text message! Each tiny action to help another, helps lift your spirit as well, and creates a ripple of effect of positivity into the world.