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Tuning into your Unique Purpose

· Essential Oils

You were divinely designed to fulfill a unique purpose. No one else can show up in the exact way that you can. You're truly a one of a kind model! You may have a strong sense of your purpose, or may have no idea! Both are perfect, as truly, I can promise you that you're already living your purpose in some capacity- you just may not realize it. You may also be at a stage where your life has shifted and you're ready to discover a new facet of your purpose & passion.

Purpose is in fact multi-faceted & ever evolving. You're never "off track" in living out your purpose, even if you feel that way. Times of change & challenge feed into the next phase of your purpose, or bring out a new piece of the puzzle: it's all part of it! Ready for some new inspirations as you dive deeper into your purpose? Start with these fun exercises:

Exercise #1: The JOY list. I've done this exercise so many times and it never gets old. The idea is to simply make a list of ALL of the things that bring you joy. Let them flow and don't overthink it. You might be surprised at what comes out! For example, the first time I did this exercise the first word I wrote was "gardening" - and I did not do any gardening at all! However, this made me smile in reminding me how much connecting with nature is a part of what brings me joy. The idea of the list is to get your juices flowing with as many things that Light you up as possible!

Exercise #2: The FLOW list. This may feel like a repeat of #1, but our minds will bring different ideas forth with the change in wording. The idea with this list is to write down everything you do, engage in, or experience that makes you feel in a state of flow - aka, losing track of time. Write as much as you can and compare your lists! What comes up on both lists? Circles those words.

Exercise #3: For the love of GIVING. Make a list of all of the ways you love to give and serve. When your Joy & Flow combines with a way to give back to the world, this is where magic happens. After your list is complete, notice if any repeat themes or words came forward. Circle those words. If you feel like it, draw a picture to illustrate what was sparked by your 3 lists!

These three lists can take a little as 15 minutes, & can help point you in the direction of new ideas & inspirations toward sharing your even MORE of your purpose with the world. It's important to note that your purpose does not have to be your job: at least not in the obvious sense. For example, you may be someone who brings humor to the workplace, lightening the mood and atmosphere for others. This can bring as much (or more!) value than the task at hand. You may be a great listener and bring this to your career, allowing others to feel heard & understood. Personally, a big part of my passion and purpose is encouraging others to believe in themselves, and see their potential. This was just as much part of my purpose as a public school teacher as it is now in my Wellness business, and even outside of work with friends & family.

So keep following the breadcrumbs of joy in your life! Let me know if these exercises sparked any new ideas for you. I'd love to hear.