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Ignite Your Intuition

· Essential Oils

Intuition is not a superpower only granted to some. You were born with an internal compass, attuned to your unique blueprint, equipped & ready to guide you. Just like the GPS system in your car, your intuitive sense can guide you in making decisions, choosing which path or direction to take, and aid you in knowing when to pause & reset or when to move forward. Tuning in to this system is a superpower you can access at any time. It does have some instructions to ignite the connection and learn to trust the signals. Here are 3 steps to begin:

1) Find pockets of time in your day to sit in silence and stillness. The most potent times to connect are early morning or before bed. This activates the intuitive process, by connecting you to the inner-knower who resides inside, yet often speaks quietly. As you take time to tune in and listen in silence to the sound of your breath, or simply the noises in the room (air conditioner, fan, etc), you'll alert your inner voice that you are available and present. Your mind will continue to have thoughts, and it may even feel like they become louder when you take time to sit. This is normal. Allow the thoughts to be there, but try not to feed them too much attention. When you realize you are thinking, return your attention to your breath. Do not become frustrated if you feel nothing is happening, as this subtle attuning process takes time and patience. The good news is that carving out even 10 minutes a day to sit in silence will ignite the intuitive voice, and with continued practice , it will become easier.

2) Spend time in nature. While silence is the activator of intuition, nature is the trainer. When you take time to be alone in nature, listening to the sounds, watching the waves, trees and birds, and simply observing, you may begin to notice your mood shift and worries fade. Nature teaches us to relax and let things be as they are, reminding us to trust in the process of life, and in your own intuitive nudges. You can incorporate a daily does of nature by adding a short walk into your day, or taking time to go and sit in a park, or your yard.

3) Start an Insights Journal! This is where you will keep track of when you get new ideas and insights that feel exciting: This practice is so much fun! You may find yourself having a crazy new idea that feels impossible or out of reach pop up- write it down! You may find you get an answer to a question you have been pondering "out of the blue." As you continue to track these insights or hits of inspiration, you are strengthening your intuitive muscle. Remember, sometimes (most of the time) our intuition only shares one piece of the puzzle without showing the full picture. Often people hesitate to take action due to fear of not knowing the full picture. Start by keeping your notebook with you daily & simply take ONE step toward your dreams at a time. Beyond insights, writing down the magic & tiny miracles you notice daily will boost the energy of this powerful practice!