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14 ways to Love Yourself

& send it out!

· Essential Oils

In honor of Valentines month, I wanted to share my favorite ways to love myself & spread it out into the world. Over the past 10 years, I've been on a quest to learn the ways of love, our true innate nature.

Let's start with 7 ways to Love YOU!

1) Time in silence - Learning to take time for silence daily was challenging at first, AND it has been the biggest game-changer. I now look forward to time in silence, simply sitting and doing nothing! We are so busy and in "do do do" mode, that we forget how to BE. Can you grant yourself 15 min/ a day to just SIT in silence?

2) Connection with nature- Nature is the greatest teacher of love & abundance. "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished" ~Lao Tzu. Make a nature date for yourself (alone) to enjoy and connect with this gift.

3) Movement- We're spiritual beings having a human experience, and our bodies like to MOVE. What's your favorite way to move? Whether it be walking, dancing, or sports, MOVE and your body will love you for it!

4) Epsom Salt Baths with essential oils (one of my favorite self care rituals of love!)

5) Journaling- It is said that journaling is a connection to our inner voice. To truly experience the Love we are made of, connection to this part of ourselves is vital. Do you enjoy a journaling practice?

6.) Prayer/ Ritual - You can pray or ask for help in whatever way feels right. Knowing you are not alone & seeking Support is a tool to love yourself fully. The simplest & quickest prayer for support to pray to whatever higher power you believe in: "help!" :)

7) Music- Music is an instant mood shifter! It's one of the best tools to bring yourself back into your heart & lift your spirits!  


7 ways to Give LOVE Back! When you are filled up with love first, you can send out love and energy from and overflowing cup. *Remember, it's perfectly okay to have days where you're the one needing love & support. Remember to ask for support (See step 6 above). And when you ARE all filled up, here are 7 ways to share the love:

8.) It starts at home. How can you love and connect with the people in your home? If we all lived in peace within our own 4 walls, we would have a peaceful world. Don't forget to start where you are: with your own family, housemates/ neighbors.

9.) Bring a neighbor food
10.) Invite a friend to tea
11.) Call or text someone and tell them what you love about them
12.) Smile at strangers
13.) Lend a helping hand

14.) Check out volunteer opportunities in your local area.

Which steps above are you going to incorporate into your day today? Let me know how it goes!