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3 steps to guide your day

3 steps to guide your day:

1. Expect the best. 

The word intention is used frequently these days. As so much of our days are routine based, it can be easy for the mind to go into autopilot, and go the entire day running "programs" that are from years of conditioning, and we're sometimes wondering why we're not moving forward, or more importantly, FEELING differently in our days, and our lives.  Often it's as simple as taking a few moments to pattern-interrupt, and set our intention for the day. It can be as simple as claiming and expecting the BEST for your day.

2. Take at least one action step towards your dreams.

It's easy to go into overwhelm with all of the to-do's, ideas and tasks in our day to day lives.  Simplify, sister! (and brothers) Prioritize taking one action step each day towards your BIG VISION & your dream life.  

For example, when I was a public school teacher, though I loved many aspects of my career, I dreampt of what life could be like if I ran my own business. I remember staring out my classroom window when the weather was beautiful, and thinking...someday I'm going to create my schedule so that I can go on adventures during the daytime, and work at night - FREEDOM was truly a concept and idea that lit my soul on fire! 

As I began to gain clarity that holistic health was the field that I was passionate about, I began taking action steps, while still teaching, to move myself in the direction of my dreams. As I worked a full time schedule, sometimes, only one small action step per day was all I could squeeze in: looking back now years later, WOW did they add up!!

So what action step can you take TODAY to move the dial on your dreams. No step is too small. Take at least one per day 7 days a week, and you'll look back in awe at what unfolds :) 


3. Choose one activity or experience that brings you JOY and do it today.

Having fun & experiencing joy is truly one of lifes gifts and treasures. Do not reserve this feeling for the weekends of vacations! You can find simple things that bring you joy and incorporate them into your schedule on the daily.  

Some ideas: Visit your favorite park ~ Plan a walk with a friend ~ Buy yourself an icecream cone and enjoy every bite ~ Cook (or bake!) something you've never made before & share it with a friend or neighbor ~ Take a dance class (or dance at home to your favorite songs) ~ Swim ~ Journal ~ Create art ~ Bring some humor into your workplace & make pepole laugh ~ You get the idea :) What are you going to choose to add in today?